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Communication Studies
Ghislain Thibault

Week 10 Readings Radio Days (184-186):  Marconi: wanted to transmit Morse code from point-to-point without wires, and created “wireless” or “radiotelegraphy”  He never really wanted to transport voice, but a variety or hobbyists and amateurs did  1920’s: increase in popularity as corporate stations began broadcasting on a regular basis  Point-to-point communications or something else entirely?  Golden age of radio 1930’s-1940’s  The radio did not disappear in the 1950’s as predicted due to a post-war resurgence in the recording industry and its coincidence with the emergence of an influential ‘youth-culture.’ A shift from nation to local programming also took place and “deejays” attained celebrity status The Public Voice of the Radio (190-194)  Radio originally thought of as point-to-point communication but it really had multiple termini  Lack of confidentiality  David Sarnoff: discovered radio broadcasting essentially when he referred to a wireless household music box. The ether would not be filled with a bunch of amateurs making point-to-point transm
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