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Chapter 9

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Communication Studies
Natalie Coulter

CS101 Chapter 9-Public Relations Week 9 Importance of Public Relations Defining Public Relations -A management tool to establish beneficial relationships -Canadian Public Relations Society says that public relations is “the management function which evaluates public attitudes, identifies the policies of an individual or organization with the public interest, and plans and executes a program of action to earn public understanding and acceptance”. -Public relations is good for business today Four steps are necessary for public relations to accomplish its goals: -Identify existing relationships-In modern society, institutions have many relationships. Define them. -Evaluate the relationships-Study relationships to determine how well they are working -Design policies to improve the relationships-Recommend policies o top management to make these relationships work better, not only for the organization but also for the partners in each relationship. -Implement the policies-mutually benefit Public Relations in a Democracy -Misconceptions about public relations include the idea that it is a one-way street for institutions and individuals to communicate to the public. -A task force was established by the Public Relations Society of America and they made these points: -Public relations is a means for the public to have its desires and interests felt by the institutions in our society -Public relations is a means to achieve mutual adjustments between institutions and groups -Public relations is a safety valve for freedom -Public relations is an essential element in the communication system that enables individuals to be informed on many aspects of subjects that affect their lives. -Public relations people can help to activate the social conscience of the organizations for which they work. Origins of Public Relations The Ideas of Ivy Lee -Lee had a success with mine operators and began a career that rewrote rules on how corporations deal with their various publics. The following are among his accomplishments: -Converting Industry toward Openness-Railroads had been secretive about business policies and accidents. Lee arranged for a special car to take reporters to the scene and take pictures. -Turning negative news into positive news-Some bad things have good results -Putting corporate executives on display-When something goes bad in a company it is important to but the corporate executive who is responsible for it on display to take the blame for what has happened and to give the public an answer -Avoiding puffery and fluff-Everything needs to be accurately said and provide verification Public Relations Services How Public Relations is Organized -No two organizations are organized in the same way CS101 Chapter 9-Public Relations Week 9 -Public relations department usually has three functional areas of responsibility: -External relations-Communication with groups and people outside the organization, including customers, dealers, suppliers, and community leaders. Responsible for encouraging employees to participate in civic activities. -Internal relations-Involves developing optimal relations with employees, managers, unions, shareholders and other internal groups. -Media relations-Communication with large groups of people outside an organization is practicable only through the mass media. An organization’s coordinator of media relations responds to news media queries, arranges news conferences and issues news releases. Public Relations Agencies -Companies that provide public relations services -There are specialized public relations companies which focus on a narrow range of services. -Staff time is usually charged at an hourly rate that covers the agency’s overhead and allows a profit margin -Other expenses are usually billed with a 15 to 17 percent mark-up Activities Beyond Publicity -Full-service public relations agencies provide a wide range of services built on two cornerstones of business: publicity (brings public attention to something) a
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