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Wilfrid Laurier University
Communication Studies
Natalie Coulter

CS101 Introduction Week 1 ‘What is Communication Studies?’ -Business communications is about learning ‘how to market’ products, write memos, and annual reports, etc. -Communication studies is primarily an academic subject, where students focus on the different areas of language, media, and culture. -Communications can be traced back to ancient Greece and Rome where scholars studied the functions of public discourse in society -Later, in the 20 century, communication embraced the studies of interpersonal and small group interaction, human relations in organizations, mass media, pop culture, new technologies, persuasion, publicity and propaganda, and intercultural communication in addition to public discourse, rhetoric, and language. -Communications is the study of language, media and culture, drawing upon theories, methods and approached of its own as well as other established disciplines such as English, history, and sociology Origins of ‘Communication’ -Raymond Williams states that communications if the notion of ‘transmission’ as a one-way process -The idea of a one way process relates to ideas of ‘manipulative communication(s)’ including television, radio, and film. Ex. The propaganda systems of the Nazis in Germany or in the Soviet Union in the 1930s -At the other end communications is seen as ‘sharing’ or ‘a common or mutual process’ This had its origins in the 15 century. Keep in mind that the term ‘sharing’ is so close to ‘community’, ‘communion’ and ‘communicant’ -This definition of communication relates to the idea of participatory communication(s). These forms of communication include community access to radio or cable access television. -This idea ‘to make common to many, *to+ impart’ is what communication ideally should be all about: sharing ideas, perhaps outside the realms of political and economic power, in a non-hierarchical, equitable manner, as we might do in conversations with our friends. -The whole essence of communications is not only what defines us as different from animals, but also what is fundamental to one of the most basic principles of good governance: control by the people. -Democracy is best when communication is a process of sharing and making common Communication Studies: An Overview -Communication: communication as the process of sending a message from one person or group or institution to another, which has an impact on the receivers -Communication: ‘as a negotiation and exchange of meaning’ within cultures where the interaction between people, messages, and ‘reality’ help to produce particular meanings or understandings of the world -One of the most enduring models of communication: -Lasswell Model formulated in 1948: who (a sender. Ex. Professor) says what (a channel (or mode) Ex. Speech, whiteboard, website) in wh
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