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CS101 Chapter 3-Sound Recording Week 4 What is Canadian about Canadian Content? -After the Canadian content regulations came into effect in 1970, the number of Canadian number-one singles on the CHUM charts in a 13 year period increased from 13 to 19 Influence of Sound Recordings -Music is a special event, a social fathering that had to be arranged -Music is everywhere all the time, we arrange for concerts and major musical events, but we also wake to music, shop to music, and drive to music -The recording industry that brings music to mass audiences, both the flashy stuff and everything else, is gigantic. Recording Industry -The recording industry is concentrates in four major companies known as the Big Four, which have 75% of the global market. -The file-sharing crisis in the early 2000s shook up the industry’s corporate landscape. -Indies-independently owned record-making companies; not part of the big four -More than 250 independent labels are responsible for roughly 90% of Cancon produced here in Canada Transforming Innovations Sound Technology -Thomas Edison built the first audio recorder playback machine -Phonograph-trade bane for the first recorder playback machine -Acoustic Recording-vibration-sensitive recording technology -Electrical Recording-In the 1920s the Columbia and Victor record companies introduced records based on an electrical system perfected by Joseph Maxwell -Digital Recording-recording and playback system using on-off binary code for sound. By 1983 digital recordings were available to consumers in the form of compact discs, which led to the CD player which converted the numbers to sound. Performer Influences -Rockabilly-Hybrid of music in the black tradition and hillbilly music; precursor of rock ‘n’ roll. After WWII, major record labels groomed singers in the sentimental croon-swoon style, typified by Frank Sinatra and Rosemary Clooney in the U.S. -British Invasion-Popularity in North America of the Beatles and other British acts. -Rap-As transforming as rock was, 40 years later so was rap which was born in the impoverished Bronx section of NYC. Rap spread to other black urban areas. Using violence and racism as themes, made rap a public issue in the 1990s which only fanned die-hard enthusiasm Government Influence on Canadian Music -In 1970, Stan Klees developed the “Cancon MAPL” to help the industry define Canadian content. To be categorized as Cancon, a song must fulfill two of the following four conditions: M (music): the music must be written by a Canadian citizen A (artist) : the music or lyrics must be principally performed by a Canadian artist CS101 Chapter 3-Sound Recording Week 4 P (produced/performed) : The recording must have been either produced in Canada or performed and broadcast live in Canada L (lyrics): The lyrics must be written by a Canadian -The CRTC has required Canadian radio stations to play a certain level of Canadian content -This has worked: a 2005 research study claims that 93% of Canadians consider Canadian music to be as good or better than music by foreign artists -The study also suggested that over 90% of Canadians listen to Canadian music. -Cancon is a success Record Labelling -In the 1980s, complaints about lyrics narrowed to drugs and sexual promiscuity. In the U.S. Parents’ Music Re
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