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Communication Studies
Natalie Coulter

CS101 Chapter 5-Movies Week 6 Importance of Movies Overwhelming Experience -Movies have a more intense hold on people than any other medium -It is behind the message as to why they are so strong -The viewer sits in a darkened auditorium in front of a giant screen, with nothing to interrupt the experience. The rest of the world is excluded. Hollywood’s Cultural Influence -Sociolost Norman Denzin says that the treatment of drinking in U.S. movies has contributed to a misleading bittersweet romanticism about alcoholism in the public consciousness -Scholars using content analysis have found that exponential increases in movie violence far outpace violence in real life and contribute to perceptions that violence is a growing social problem in modern life -Political leaders express concern from time to time that movies corrupt the morals of young people and glamorize deviant behaviour -Because of the perceived influences of movies, it is important to know about the industry that creates them Movie Technology Adaptation from Photography -The technical heritage of motion pictures is photography -Persistence of Vision-Retina’s capability to retain an image briefly, allowing brain to fill in gaps between successive images D-Cinema -Digitally filmed, edited, distributed and exhibited movies -Digital Transition-Digitally creating special effects and putting them into movies -Technical Standards-The two competing technologies are 2K(2048 pixels) and 4K(4096 pixels) Movie Industry Structure Studios and Production -The flashy corporate names in the movie business are the big studios that are the heart of the production component -Major studios-Some studios are brand name. These companies are called studios because each one maintained acres of stage sets. -United Artists-Upstart artist-directed movie studio, started in 1919. -Dreamworks-For 21 years it has been new. It is a dream team of exceptionally able, well-connected and seasoned Hollywood people who, each with a fortune from successful entertainment industry careers, could bankroll major projects Distribution -The major studios are largely responsible for this task. -They schedule the bookings for movie releases at the theatres, perform the marketing activities to CS101 Chapter 5-Movies Week 6 promote the release, and then supply the actual film to the movie houses for showing the movie Exhibition -The movie industry once derived all its revenue from exhibition -As of 2007, Cineplex Entertainment LP was the largest movie exhibitor in Canada Economics of Movies Studio Financing -Movies cost $43 million to make on average -Major studios-Major studios finance many movies with profits from earlier movies. Most movies, do not originate with major studios but with independent producers instead. -Investor Groups-Special investment groups sometimes are put together to fund movies for major studios -Banks-To meet front-end production expenses, studios go to banks for loans against their assets Independent Producers -Movie production enterprises outside of the major studios -Independent producers demonstrate that the major studios have a monopoly on neither originality nor creativity. But as they will tell you they are outsiders Government Funding -Founded in 1
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