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Computer Science
Mark Petrick

CH8 Digital Lifestyle: Managing Digital Data and Devices  Went from analog to digital  Analog/continuous waves: illustrate loudness of a sound or the brightness of the colours in an image at a given moment in time  Analog-to-digital conversion expresses complicated analog shapes, signal is measured many times each second, strength of signal at each measurement is recorded as a simple number Digital Telephony  Telephony: use of equipment to provide voice communications over a distance has shifted from an analog science to a digital one  Cell phones and smart phones have the same components as computer: processor, memory, input and output devices. They are computers  Analog-to-digital converter chips converts your voice’s sound waves into digital signals (1s and 0s that the phone’s processor can understand)  Digital signal processor: included in cellphone to handle the compression work o when you receive a call, it decompresses the incoming message  cell is a geographic area centered on a base transceiver station, which is a large communications tower with antennas, amplifiers, receivers and transmitters  when you make a phone call, a base station picks up the request for service. The station then passes the request to a central location called a mobile switching center  processor coordinates sending all the data among the other electronic components inside the phone, runs phone’s OS  OS is stored in ROM because the phone would be useless without it  Primary input devices: mic and keypad  High resolution displays are becoming more popular  Store-and-forward technology delivers texts to the appropriate phone  Multimedia message service (MMS): sends messages that include text, sound, images, video clips  Tethering: computer can
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