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Chapter 9

CC102 Chapter 9: Chapter 9 CC102

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=Chapter 9: Alternatives to the Prison System The Carceral Network (By Michael Foucault): grouping of institutions, agencies, and staff whoa re part of the process of law enforcement, the judicial process, the prison system and agencies dealing with offenders In May 2006 Community corrections: Places offenders in the community rather than in secure institutions. This allows offenders to maintain or establish links within the wider community in which they live  These sentences are court ordered and always under supervision where they have to follow rules Probation: this system wasn’t around until the 1950’s. Probation is a sentence imposed when an offender had either been found guilty or plead guilty in a criminal court.  By leaving them in the community, ties wont be severed and it is also less costly 1. The probationer may not change his residence without informing the probation officer 2. The probationer may not accept an offer of employment without permission 3. The Probationer must report to the probation officer when required to do so  They must refrain from contacting delinquents or criminals. Conditions could include educational programs, substance abuse programs, community volunteering or course in money management  PO’s provide personal support, enforce the law, and provide help in areas such as behaviour modification and guidance to prevent reoffending  The commission of any new offence will initiate revocation. Technical violations refer to as rules of the order. Parole: is the reduction of a sentence of an offender as a reward for good behaviour. There is much debate about this since some believe it is dangerous to let dangerous criminals out early. Prisoners don’t like this system either because they believe there is subjective rather than objective criteria governing parole decisions.  Kangaroo courts are what inmates call parole hearings: rules and due process are not present and inmates say what the judges want to hear; not the actual truth. There is a lack of criteria that can inform decisions and the parole boards are often people who do not understand criminals and their behaviour o A parole board that doesn’t release many prisoners cant be in trouble when reoffending occurs  Is parole a carrot dangled in front of the inmates to produce compliant, manageable behaviours in prison? Is it a stick used to psychologically beat the prisoners into submission? It is a carrot to induce good behaviour and a stick to punish those who don’t  Prisoners must have a plan that can include education, possible employment, and residence.  Chances of parole can be increased when the offender attends substance abuse, anger management, or sexual offender therapy; however, not all these programs are available in some prisons and if they are can be delayed for years. The second problem is that offenders go to these programs just to look good.  Full parole is granted only when they’re ready to be released and have housing arrangements. (Many of them end up in homeless shelters since they don’t have enough money)  Parole officers are responsible for providing counsel and a sounding board for parolees.  Full parole: when the prisoners have served 1/3 of their sentences. Faint hope clause: S. 745 says they can apply for parole after 15 years Prerelease programs: prisoners are entitled to the following:  Escorted temporary absences (1 or 2 day(s) with a max of 5 days when in need of medical attention. These are
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