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Chapter 20

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EC238 Chapter 20 – Global Environmental Problems Week 12 Greenhouse Gas Policy in Canada -Successive Canadian federal governments have failed to introduce policies that stemmed the rise in emission GHG = [(GHG/Energy) x (Energy/Output) x Output] Ozone Depletion -At the surface of the earth ozone is a pollutant produced when emissions of hydrocarbons and nitrogen oxides interact in the presence of sunlight -A variety of health problems and agricultural crop damages have been traced to elevated levels of surface ozone -Several decades ago scientific evidence began to appear that the ozone content of the atmosphere was showing signs of diminishing -CFCs are in refrigerators and they break down the ozone Definitions: Baseline-and-credit system – in a transferable emission system, credits may be given to polluters who document that they have a permanent reduction in their emissions of a pollutant. The credits can be used for compliance with regulations or sold to others if the source is abating more pollution than the total indicated by the credits. A challenge to this approach is verifying that reductions
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