EN119 Chapter Notes - Chapter 6: Altarnun

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17 Nov 2018

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The night wagon came again
o Only 2 carts
o Less than 6 men outside
The wagons were empty
o They were loaded w/ the cargo from the other night
Likely to be distributed
o The inn = the storage room for all their goods
Mary assumes there could be hundreds of men involved in the schemes
Any weak link = killed
Was jem linked to the wagons arriving the same day?
The carriages left and joss went to bed
Nobody in the guest room that time
Days passed w/ no incidents
Frost and cold weather
Mary was washing up
Joss was off in the moors
o Mary felt freedom when he was gone
aunt patience knocked on the window for Mary’s attention and looked v scared
When Mary went outside patience grabbed her and was talking nonsense
Patience explained Mr Bassat was on his way with another man
Knock at the door
Mary thought to tell him about the bad things joss did so he could help
Patience asked Mary what to do
Mary said they should let him in and act normally
Patience urges Mary not to say anything - if anything happened to joss she’d kill herself
(so dependent on him)
Mary agreed to lie
Mary opened the door
Mr bassat was on his horse and the other man was knocking (bassat = superior)
Bassat asked if joss was home
Patience couldnt speak so made Mary answer
Mary said he is not home, but offered them drinks which they refused
Patience says she doesn’t know when joss will be back & that nothing bad happens at
the inn
Bassat knows there is a bad reputation for a reason
Bassat demanded to examine the place
Mary and patience were worried about when they got to the locked door
Bassat specifically asked to see what’s in the locked room
Patience looked at Mary for help
Mary said it was a lumber storage room & that only joss had the key
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