EN119 Chapter Notes - Chapter 1: Mycotoxin, Cybercrime

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10 Dec 2018

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1st sentence introduces a technological world (the sky was the colour of television
turned to a dead channel)
Case = main character, enters bar
o 24 y/o
Ratz = bartender
o Teeth is a webwork of steel (techy description)
o Has a prosthetic arm wrapped in pink plastic
Case annoyed by a giggling girl beside him
Case generally a bitter, negative guy
Case is a hustler. Not a “cyberspace cowboy” (computer hacker) anymore
Ratz comments on Case’s ex gf (Linda Lee)
Case leaves the bar
2 years ago, Case worked as a hacker
o one of the best
o stole from his employers (kept something to himself and tried to get it to
Amsterdam) big mistake
o fired & will never work again
o they damaged his nervous system w/ wartime Russian mycotoxin removing
his hacking talent
now case has no purpose and is gloomy, hopeless
Location: Chiba, Japan
o Hot-spot for cyber-crime
Spends money trying to find a cure
Went to a cafe
Took a pill
Killed 2 men & a woman
Worked in the Night City black market
Doesn’t care if he gets caught gives anyone what they want, doesn’t take
Basically had a death wish
Hated the thought of linda lee
o Met at an arcade
o She was addicted to drugs
They met up
o She told him wage wants him dead heard so from mona
o About owing each other money
o She tells him to be careful
o Gave her $50 to give to wage
o Said he had more $ coming (lie)
o He left
Wage was who Case bought stuff from
wanted to now visit Julie
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