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Environmental Studies
Robert Mc Leman

Chapter 1 9202013 64200 AM Environmental Problems An introduction and overviewExponential Growth rice chess game and folding paperA quantity increases at a constant rate per unit of timeo Example 2 a yearGrowth is deceptiveo Starts slow after a few doublings it grows to huge numberso Each doubling is more than the total of all earlier growthGlobal Economic OutputRange measure of the human use of Earths resourceso Some environmentally beneficial some are harmfulo Earth increase seven folds since 1950 continued increasing at a rapid rateo 13 billion people living in poverty 125 a day must deplete and degrade local forests grasslands soil and wildlifeHuman Activities o Premature extinction of the Earths species Fast rate of 011 a yearExponential growth in burning fossil fuels and clearing forests will change the Earths climate this century Exponential Growth plays a key role in 5 environmental issuesoPopulation growtho resource use and wasteo povertyo loss of biological diversityo global climate changeEnvironmental Science A study of how the Earth works how we interact with the Earth and how to deal with environmental problemso Integrating ideas form the natural world biosphere and our cultural world cultursphereo Uses information from the physical sciences and social sciencesEnvironment Everything that effects a living organism any unique form of life Ecology A biological scienceo Studies relationships between living organisms and their environmentEnvironmentalism Social movement dedicated to protecting the Earths life support system for us and other speciesSolar energy Includes direct sunlight and indirect forms of renewable solar energy wind power hydropower flowing water and biomass woodNatural Capital Supports and sustains the Earths life and economieso Consists of resources and ecological serviceso It supplies can sustain the planet and our economies infinityas long as we do not deplete themCarrying Capacity Reflection of how many organisms can be supported in one area without degrading the environment o Manage wildlife dear salmon o Maximum people who can live in an area Cultural Caring Capacity People who have cultural amenities luxuries and technologies o Rise their impact beyond basic levelsSustainability Ability of a system to survive for an extended period of timeo Fish or forest managed well would be a stainable resource Environmentally sustainable society Meets the basic resource needs of its people indefinitely without degrading or depleting the natural capital that supplies these resources o Meets needs of people clean water clean air food without compromisingLiving sustainably Living off natural income replenished by soil plants air and watero Not depleting or degrading the Earths natural capital that supplies this biological incomeo protect your capital and live off the income it provides Population Growth 118 a year83 million people to the worlds population in 2011 Economic Growth Increase in the capacity of a country to provide people with goods and serviceso Increase requires population growth more production and consumption per person or both o Measured by the percentage change in a countries gross domestic productGross Domestic Product GDPAnnual market value of all good and services produced by all firms and organizations foreign and domestic operating within a countryPer Capita GDPMeasured a countrys standard of livingo The GDP divided by the total population at midyear Economic development Improvement of living standards by economic growth United Nations UN classifies the worlds countries as economically developed or developing based on their degree of industrialization and their per capita GDP Developed Countries Highly industrialized High average per capita GDPo Canada US Japan Developing Countries Middle income and moderately developed o China India BrazilLowincomeo HaitiGlobalization
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