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Chapters 1-3

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GG101 Chapter NotesChapter 1 Essentials of Geography 5 spatial themes o Location o Region o HumanEarth relationships o Movement o PlaceProcess set of actions or mechanism that operates in some special order governed by physical chemical and biological lawsPhysical Geography spatial analysis of all physical elements and processes that make up the environment energy air water weather climate landforms soil animals plants microorganisms and EarthOpen System inputs of energy and matter flow into the system and outputs of energy and matter flow from the systemClosed System a system shutoff from the surrounding environment so that it is selfcontainedNegative Feedback info discourages response in systemPositive Feedback info encourages increased response in the systemSteadyState Equilibrium rates of inputs and outputs in system are equal and the amounts of energy and matter in storage within the system are constantDynamic Equilibrium Gradual increasing or decreasing trendsEarths 4 Spheres o Atmosphere o Hydrosphere o Lithosphere o BiosphereAtmosphere o Thin gaseous veil surrounding Earth held to planet by gravity o Formed by gases arising from Earths crust o Nitrogen oxygen argon carbon dioxide water vapor and trace gasHydrosphere o Water in atmosphere on surface and in crust near surface o Cryosphere portion of frozen hydrosphere ice sheet caps glaciersLithosphere o Earths crust and portion of upper mantle directly below crust o Eduphosphere soil layerBiosphere o Interconnected web that links all organisms with physical environment o Seafloor to about 8km into atmospheregeoid Earth shapedLatitude angular distance east or west of a point on Earths surface
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