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The Geographer’s Toolbox: Maps (Textbook Chapter 2) 1. Geographers’ Tools Cartography (Mapmaking) GIS (Geographic Information Systems) GPS (Global Positioning Systems) Qualitative Techniques (Interview, Participant Observation, Textual Analysis) Quantitative Techniques (Questionnaires, Statistics) 2. What is a Map? A Map is a two-dimensional Representation of a Part of the Earth’s surface 3. What does a Map do? A Msimplifies reality so we can comprehend it better/faster/more thoroughly …but all of this comes at a price… Selection Generalization Etc. ppds and conventions 4. Cartography: The art and science of mapmaking Goals: TradPrimarily Description MoreAnalysisy: Explanation Prediction 5. BEWARE: Maps are not ‘true’ or ‘real’ Maps are created by people Maps are “repositories of trust” and “controlled fiction” “Maps are two parts truth and one part lies” 6. Decisions to be made: Map Scale how much do we want to show? area and detail (inverse relationship) Map Type what do we want to show? Map type needs to suit the type of data Ex: dot, choropleth, isoline, proportional symbol, cartogram Map Projection which of the following do we want to show undistorted: area size? area shape? distance? (only an issue in the case of small scale maps) 7. Dot Map raw values discrete (countable) phenomena exact locations 8. Choropleth Map derived values (e.g., percentages) density Greek: ‘colouring book’ map 9. (not shown in class) 10. Isoline (or Isopleth ) Map lines connect points of equal value continuous phenomena weather maps 11. Proportional Symbol Map symbol proportional to value of the phenomenon 12. Solution: Cartogram Space is distorted in proportion to mapped phenomenon 13. Cartogram Examples: http://www.worldmapper.org/index.html TEXTBOOK NOTES External arena; regions of the world not yet absorbed into the modern world-system Core regions; regions t
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