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Barbara Carmichael

Chapter two notes Tourism is as old as human -Historical origins in the ancient cultures of the Greek and Roman “social elite”/ -Sea side resorts existed in Roman Empire for upper class Tourism = the pursuit of pleasure in a location away from everyday life and use of leisure time for non work purpose Late twenties = rise of heritage industry as core interest Black pool = Britains most popular seaside resort -excursion market -working class domestic tourism holiday in Victorian period Tourism never stays static -constant flux, evolution, development and change Themes 1. Emergence of pleasure travel as a distinct activity 2. The rise and continuing role of the seaside resort 3. The cultural history of tourism and holiday making, role of beach and coast Monte Carlo – casino, orchestra, ballet History by: Walton (1983) -census illustrates population composition, growth and impact of tourism on employment -visitor use of guide books in resorts and diaries of experience -records of resort development by builders and entrepreneurs and records of municipal corporation -records of tourist related business Form of tourism “polite visiting” emerged those into upper classes travelled on circuit of country to view architecture, garden, parkland, arts Thomas cooks – marketing and promotion of domestic and international travel -he made a brochure promoting products and services including excursions, special events Grand Tour itineraries influenced by travel literature -mathr form of tourism = health tourism, drinking, bathing in minerals, sea waters 18 century = rich who travel UK – made public or bank holiday = leisure time Picture from Butler 1980 Tourism -economic, social and political climates -affluence, holiday Depression between 1929 – 1931 -after first world war – flu came -Samuel Canard founded Canard Line -Economic & social change in 20 century during Edwardian years The Second World War and Tourism -holidays suspended “is your holiday really necessary” -railway companies ignored government instructions not to run extra trains at holiday times -class of ticket went down but purchase full fare tickets instead of excursion tickets saw a growth 1947-1970 -unparalleled development in leisure service for Australian population -more disposable income and leisure time -increase person mobility through car ownership Australia and North America = development of motels to meet route way demand 1946 202680 tourist 1948 504360 to UK Hotel an
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