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GS101 Glocommodification Week 7 -McDonalds opened its first outlet in Israel in 1993. Since then, it has been involved in a variety of symbolic encounters Global Commerce Encounters the Local Eating Habitus: McDonalds and the Falafel -It took the advent of McDonalds however, for the ‘great gluttony’ of the fast hamburger to begin -McDonalds opened in October 1993 and BK followed it a year later. It took from McDonalds arrival to 2000 for the sales in the hamburger industry to increase by 600% -There is now a total of 250 burger branches in place in Israel -Developments that are carried over from the West, transform familiar family lifestyles -Technological advancements and business interests have set the stage for changes in Israeli eating habits -The falafel used to be a signature dish in Israel but it fell in the 1970s and 1980s because of fast food places like ‘Shawarma’, pizza, and hamburger stands -The falafel came back in two forms: gourmet, and fast-food -The falafel has simultaneously undergone ‘McDonaldized’ standardization -Falafel is healthy foods and they have taken it further with whole-wheat pita bread -The interrelations of McDonalds and the falafel are not simply a contrast between local decline and global rise. Rather, they are a comple
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