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Global Studies
Ali Zaidi

GS101 The World Holds its Breath Week 11 -This article was written 2 weeks after 9/11 had occurred -9/11 was a mass public execution, a criminal act of callous disregard for human life -Four civilian aircraft hijacked and turned into fiery bombs, aimed at the citadels of US financial and military power -The World Trade Centre, and Pentagon – a symbol of American military might – were in ruins -When a group of people can suspend their humanity to the point of being able to slam 767s full of people into office towers filled with thousands of others, many of us are left doubting the moral compass and sanity of the world -‘dark side of globalization’ – 9/11 -The World Trade Centre (WTC) was a symbol of global economy -George W Bush revved up the propaganda machine by describing the incident as an all-out assault on the ‘American way of life’ -The goal of religious extremists like bin Laden is clean. His aim is to provoke the Americans into an all- out conflict with the Islamic world -There is no military solution to this problem. You can bomb Afghanistan all you want, but this will do nothing to wipe out terrorism -For the US to strike back is to give the terrorists what they want -It confirms the suspicious of many Muslims that America’s aim is to crush and humiliate Islam -Treating these terrorist acts as a crime against humanity means all nations must co-operate to find the perpetrators and bring them to justice -If there is widespread hatred of the US there are legi
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