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Global Studies
Ali Zaidi

GS101 What Al Qaeda Destroyed Week 11 -The suicide warriors who attacked the US did not than kill thousands of civilians and demolish the WTC, they destroyed the West’s ruling myth -Western societies are governed by the belief that modernity is a single condition, everywhere the same and always benign. As societies become more modern, so they become more alike. At the same time they become better. -There are many ways of being modern, some of them monstrous. Yet the belief that there is only one way and that it is always good has deep roots -From the eighteenth century onwards, it came to be believed that the growth of scientific knowledge and the emancipation of mankind marched hand in hand -The Positivists believed that as societies came to be more based on science they were bound to become more alike -Through the use of technology, humanity would extend its power over the Earth’s resources and overcom
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