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Global Studies
Ali Zaidi

GS101 Prologue Week 11 -Girls perspective -I wanted American snow to be different. I expected it to be different. I assumed that a country that had so effortlessly exerted its will over the whole of the globe and then, when there was nothing left on earth to conquer, planted its flag on the moon, could not possibly have been the same snow that fell everywhere else. -America, I was lead to believe from a very young age, was different -The habits, standards, tastes, and customs that together constituted the elusive American ethos were, when disentangled from America’s national narrative -American was something you could become -As 9/11 occurred a Muslim girl in America was viewed differently even though she was always American – got strange looks and was searched at airports -I felt doubly aggrieved because both my country and my faith – the two pillars of my identity – had been assaulted -But to the extent that the War on Terror has, from the start, been posited as a war of ideology – a clash of civilizations – it is a rhetorical war indeed, one fought more constructively with words and ideas than with guns and bombs -This was a war against a particular brand of terrorism: that employed exclusively by Islamic entities, which is why the enemy in this ideological conflict was gradually and systematically expanded to include not just the persons who attacked Am
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