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Chapter 1 GS101

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Global Studies
Ali Zaidi

GS101 Chapter 1-Globalization: A Contested Concept Week 1 Intro to Globalization -The terrorist attacks in 9/11 were based on the “American Empire”. Osama Bin Laden did not want the world to “Americanize” so he planned these attacks and video tapes postpone. -Researchers later noticed that Osama Bin Laden was in fact apart of globalization as well. And therefore was a hypocrite in his attacks. He wore Russian army coats over his traditional Muslim etiquette. He wore an American timex watch, and lastly his “AK-47” that he was holding in his videos was either imported from China or Russia. Lastly the video tapes and technology that he obtained to record his videos must have been imported as well because Muslim countries do not have that sort of technology. A Definition of Globalization -Globalization has been variously used to describe a process, a condition, a system, a force, and an age. -Globality signifies a social condition characterized by tight global economic, political, cultural, and environmental interconnections and flows that make most of the currently existing borders and boundaries irrelevant. -We cannot assume that globality is already among us or that it is an endpoint -Globality might eventually be transformed into planetarity – a new social condition brought about by the successful colonization of our solar system. -There are different social manefestations of globality: values of individualism, competition, and laissez-faire capitalism communal and cooperative norms -The term globalization applies to a set of social processes that appear to transform our present social condition of weakening nationality into one globality. -Globalization is about shifting forms of human contact. Three assertions about globalization: we are slowly leaving behind the condition of modern nationality that gradually unfolded from the eighteenth century onwards we are moving towards the new condition of postmodern globality we have not yet reached it -Old graphical scales of ‘local’, ‘national’, ‘global’ and ‘regional’ no longer work in a networked world because these scales overlap. Best place to study the ‘global’ is in the ‘local’. Ex. In global cities like New York, and Toronto. -Global imaginary is a concept referring to people’s growing consciousness of belonging to a global community. People need to look beyond their local culture for home and identity. Questions We Ask Ourselves
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