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Chapter 6

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Wilfrid Laurier University
Global Studies
Ali Zaidi

GS101 Chapter 6The Ecological Dimension of Globalization Week 5 In recent years global environmental issues have receives enormous attention from research institutes the media politicians and economists The ecological impacts of globalization are increasingly recognized as the most significant and potentially life threatening for the world as we have inherited it from our ancestors In addition to economic and political factors cultural values and background greatly influence how people view the natural environment In modernity nature has come to be considered as a resource to be used instrumentally to fulfil human desires stAt the dawn of the 21 century it has become virtually impossible to ignore the fact that people everywhere on this planet are inextricably linked to each other through the air they breathe the climate they depend on the food they eat and the water they drink Our planets ecosystems are subjected to continuous human assault in order to maintain wasteful lifestyles Until the coming of the Industrial Revolution environmental degradation was relatively localized and occurred rather slowly over many centuries In the last few decades the scale speed and depth of Earths environmental decline have been unprecedented Two of the major concerns relate to uncontrolled population growth and lavish consumption patterns particularly in the global North Humans are now the most numerous mammals on Earth Vastly increased demands for food timber and fibre have put severe pressure on the planets
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