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th GS201- T3 November 9 , 2012 Ashley Stratton 110110900 1. How does postmodernism differ from modernity/ modernism? Post modernism is the shift from modernism and the incorporation of a dynamic, self questioning world. Vietnam was began the ideology. The combination of the old and new to create new ideology (things that don’t belong together). Modernism rejects the past to build a new. Postmodernism doesn’t reject the old but rather combines the old and new to move forward. 3. How does Baudrillard define simulation (3 levels or “orders”)? Why make these distinctions? The first order is representation of the real (ex. Map) that is an artificial representation. The second order is simulation of the fantasy land (ex.. Disneyland) blurs the lines between reality and representation (ex. Dinosaurs portrayed in documentaries) they fill the idea and partial knowledge of what something should be like although they are not necessarily based upon a reality. In these two the idea of real still exists. The third order is simulation producing the hyperreal. The model (ex. map/ etc) precedes the real. This causes detachment from reality and representation. 4. How does this relate to Disneyland? It is a created land that blurs reality with fantasy by bringing childhood dreams to life- the ideas portrayed in childhood become real in this world. It is the simulation of the fantasy land brought to the extreme. It can be explained in th
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