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GS201 Tutorial November 16

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Global Studies
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GS201- Tutorial Nov 16,2012 Modernism - Defined by work/ industrialization - One Truth/ reality – objective reality (knowledge rooted in science) – grand narrative – one story to explain everything (ex. Women are oppressed= feminism) - Linear - Weber - Knowledge is cumulative Post-Modernism - Architecture – mashes styles together o Breaks the one Truth idea o Ex. Andy Warhol o Film Sliding Doors (two story lines) - Reaction against that is modern o Multiple truths/ realities o Not based on objective knowledge but subjective interpretations (my vs. Your truth) - Social science- challenge the grand narrative (ex. Which women are oppressed? Race, class, etc divisions) o Brings questions to older themes 3 Orders - Ex. Image (exact photo of someone) st o Reality of someone (snapshot) – 1 order o Can’t tell if its real or not (characture of someone from park/ beach artist *cartoony*) – morphed image – 2 Order o Abstract - she’s wearing a green shirt so the entire picture is green (symbol of her) – disconnected from reality st rd - the problem is we think we live in 1 Order but we live in the 3 Order (post modern idea) around the world o like the Matrix o we live in a society of empty symbols (representations/ you get branded) o iron cage ideology o no truth or reality – ex. Reality TV o makes you a docile being Disneyland - Main Street USA o Construction of an image of something that never existed o Constructs false reality o Compare something that can never happen o Disney has built gated communities to allow people to live in the idea of a fantasy land o When people leave Disney they are disappoi
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