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GS 201 tutorial questions November 23, 2012 Ashley Stratton 110110900 Questions 1. What does Foucault mean by the term 'docile bodies'? Docile bodies are ones that can be shaped and adapted to fit the needs of the being shaping them. The needs of the shaper often are a duty or a task they need to docile body to complete. Schooling is the example used from lecture to describe docile bodies, as students we are conditioned from kingergarden to perform tasks and behave accordingly. We have internalized these tasks and expectations, also internalizing the power balance within a classroom. In order to make a body docile sometimes it becomes necessary to break any previous norms and rebuild new ones in their place. For GS231 we have discussed the ability of the army to build soldiers by destroying all that they understood as normally and morally correct and replacing these values with what the military needed them to do. That is why they recruit young people, their values have not yet been solidified and it becomes much easier to change their thinking. This connects to schooling in the sense students start at age 4 and continue becoming the ideal student until the complete post secondary school. By this time the expectations of a student are so internalized it would be nearly impossible to remove their understanding of classroom politics from them. 2. How does docility link to discipline? If a body becomes docile it accepts the tasks a performs them without question, internalizing the expectations leads to obedience. Militaries need disciplined soldiers who are able to focus on the tasks at hand without questioning them. The docility allows for obedience and discipline within a person. They are conditioned to do as the shaper pleases which also makes them less inclined to revolt because they have internalized these expectations. Another connection to discipline would be the idea of being disciplined, a person who has become a docile body knows when they have done wrong in the system and accepts their punishment. They understand when their expectations have not been met and they must learn to further internalize these expectations and the power balances. 3. What is the role of surveillance and spaces (buildings)? e.g. Panopticon The role of space depends on the specific space but spaces all have meanings and expectations within society. The state conditions citizens to understand what spaces can be used for certain purposes and which can’t, the police are there to clear up any misconceptions. The idea of surveillance in public space is the perception that everyone is constantly being watched and nothing is private outside of the home. Buses, stores, streets and schools have cameras to monitor behaviour and there is a sense that if someone does something wrong they
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