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Global Studies
Theresa Romkey

GS 202 Tutorial Questions for January 18th From Montgomery 1. What is Montgomery arguing in this article? (key idea) - That children should have a voice in how their prostitution is discussed and understood - Giving the children some agency 2. Does the Montgomery article challenge your conceptualizations of child prostitution? How? - Loyalty, familial duty, private morality are important to the children and prostitution reinforces these values (I assumerdit would break down their values) - A form of exploitation of the 3 world for business and tourism (I have seen this advertised when looking up potential trips but I still find it disgusting that people go on vacation with the intention of “funding” and child’s life like this) - Children are kidnapped from countries, sold to brothels (awful conditions, continuous rape) or debt-bonded/ sold by their parents – but this is the majority, not all of them - Children separate the self and the body (I assumed this was every case and not that some of them chose this as a way of providing for their families) - They see cheating as bad but prostitution as only money based so it isn’t a bad a cheating (I agree with this after reading the explanation but this too surprised me) - They formed status/ hierarchies between the children within the communities (it seems very organized as children working together in this type of work) - They discuss relationships and romance rather than being paid for sex, they have friends who take care of them and provide what the children need as a token of appreciation rather than just keeping track of economic (I assumed it would be money based and not based on friendships) - The children saw the term prostitute as insulting (I think as a Western society we over dismiss children as needing instruction that I didn’t think they would understand the idea of prostitution as a bad thing) o I guess I had never really thought about child prostitution on a deep level so many of the aspects presented about children’s thoughts and their ways of thinking/ having this lifestyle were rather surprising to me 3. How would research on this topic differ if we considered agency (of the children)? - The author notes an important fact which speaks to the “adult- centered” world we live in; it is difficult to study neutrally and present that the children are in some senses happy because that seemingly condones abuses against children - Giving the children agency would change how children are understood rather than over simplifying the links between sexuality and identity – working with their strategies and understandings rather than the adult perceived realities the children live in - By changing the stigmas/ ideas around the topic to be more understanding of their choices and self expectations – this will change how they perceive themselves and how others percieve them 4. What was the purpose
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