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Global Studies
Theresa Romkey

GS 202 Tutorial Questions February 8, 2013 Ashley Stratton 110110900 From Bonnin 1. Given the involvement of the state in her research process, can she really assume that she can ensure anonymity of her informants? - state control over the population but minorities compromise the state agenda to better fit their needs – possibly breaking the laws in the process - state needs research t o fit in their goals in order to be approved (frame the research and present it correctly to be approved - host institution needed to know where and when she would be at different locations in order to monitor her research - unexpected change to laws is possible regarding foreigners, these laws are already up for interpretation – presents problems for research - police intervention as to what has been asked and of whom - language assistants reported to the state/ institution meaning all research was being presented to the state without the researchers control 2. How can gatekeepers help or hinder the research process? - letters of permission were needed across government departments in order to control the research and prevent any possible problems - assert state control and essentially tell the researcher they will follow policy - can be a problem because without permission she can’t proceed and with all the bureaucracy it is difficult to complete permission procedures - some people facilitate information and others prevent it - Mr. Tien wasn’t respected in the markets meaning people wouldn’t speak to her after she had been seen with him, she had to restructure her day to work around this - the woman leader didn’t allow for connection to local women as assumed, they seemed to fear sharing their opinion if it might conflict with hers - the positions are not supported by the community meaning the gatekeeper isn’t connected to the community and doesn’t allow for the flow of information - gate keepers can be bad because their potential information can be misleading, the positions aren’t worth befriending although they are necessary – demonstrates problems within the social hierarchy 3. Friendship in the field: where does the research start and stop? Why might this be a challenge? - need a personal relationship to engage locals and collect information (but need to remain separate enough to successfully collect the information – need to find the balance) - possible exchange of gifts or cash for their interview time - friendships provide a researcher with emotional support while away from home - her friend couldn’t receive social assistance after being seen with her because she was assumed to have foreign help – be careful of what your friendships present to the surrounding people 4. What does she mean by 'engaged research'? - research method of becoming engaged in the community (much like active research) 5. Do y
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