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Global Studies
Theresa Romkey

GS 202 Tutorial Questions From Sweet 1. What is meant by the term 'historiography'? - developing a history on a topic using specific approaches such as political and social history (Wikipedia) - this article focuses on the development of the history of Africans because of slave trade 2. The article raises the issue of how we can apply certain categories or ethnographic labels. What does Sweet suggest we do in terms of understanding historical African identities? - the author questions how the ethnographic labels are given to individuals, who gives them, if they can be changes, and if so how? - the author begins with an autobiography to understand how an individual perceives their African status or not, he then focuses on how an individual decided what they are depending upon how they connect to different labels 3. What are some of difficulties/challenges associated with historical research? - when doing historic research it can be challenging to find people to confirm or deny your hypothesises, depending on how far back in time you wish to research it can be difficult to find people who were around for those time periods or accurate data to represent them - 4. Linking this article to the Bourgois book, what is the benefit from hearing from a few individuals rather than Bourgois speaking about 'crack sellers' in general? - by speaking about a few individuals about their experiences rather than summarizing about people in general the research becomes specific to those people and can’t be criticized for generalizing about people who the explanations don’t apply - it is also important because Sweet is able to go more in depth about these individuals rather than only connecting surface details of the population like Bourgois does - From Gershon 5. What is meant by the term 'media ideologies'? - telephone, voicemail, texting and facebook 6. Why is it important not to impose our 'med
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