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Global Studies
Bina Mehta

1. Kiely claims that transnational corporations are major agents in globalization. Why does he make this claim? TNCs act as agents for globalization because they invest money into other countries developing their economies and creating jobs. They do this by exporting their factories from developed countries to the developing world. This is done because the labour laws and requirements for the factories are less strict in developing nations. 2. How does capital concentrate in certain areas of the world giving them a competitive advantage? 3. What are the main three differences cited by Kiely between the Neo-liberal and (some) Dependency perspectives on globalization? 4. Do you think TNC‟s are agents of underdevelopment or, of modernization in poorer countries? 5. Why does Keily believe that the development effects of TNC‟s are too „black and white‟? In other words, how is the debate over the global economy polarized? 6. Why is the Division between the core and periphery more unclear in a globalized world? 7. 1. In what ways is the New International Division of Labour (NIDL), a contradictory process? 8. 2. Gilbert says that the effect of globalization (NIDL) depends on who you are and where you live, do you agree or disagree with that assertion? Explain 9. 3. How has NIDL3 impacted on the power and control of the modern nation-state? 10. 4. Do you think that when Gilbert stated that “disaster lurks around the corner” (p.190) that he was prophetic about the beginning of the 2008 global economic collapse? 11. 5. Do you think that multi-national governance (e.g. The World Bank) can effectively act as „moderators‟ in the new global economic realities? Why or why not?
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