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GS211-T5 October 1 , 2012 Ashley Stratton 110110900 The Mandate System was set up after World War II when new territories were being viewed as available to be further developed. Each territory was seen as either a developed territory and therefore able to look over itself nation or as one in need of another nation to watch over it depending on economic status and geographical location. A Permanent Mandate Commission was put into place to overlook the practices of each nation and monitor their work in their new territories. Article 22 was added to the Covenant to make sure these practices were being honoured. Some countries were traded as the previous developer (before WWII) wasn’t able to do so or they could no longer financially support this area. It was believed that developed nations should be in charge of developing the underdeveloped. The terms and conditions of the Mandate differed for each newly owned territory based on their status in the world (this was determined by geographical location, economic stats and their quality of life as seen from developed nations perspective). Some of the nations being viewed as underdeveloped were re-examined and could now sustain and were therefore allowed to be their own nation with no developed country watching over them (ex. some of the Turkish Empire). Others were viewed as being in desperate need of other nations looking over them (ex. Central Africa). Truman’s Four Point Program was put into place after WWII in hopes of showing the world what a super power the USA could be (and maybe would be in the future) by presenting itself on the world stage as someone willing to cooperate with all post WWII expectations but also to determine itself a key player in the development of other nations. The USA would continue supporting the UN, continue the Marshall Plan and the rebuilding efforts and would create NATO a joint defensive force if there is a need to control the Soviet forces. The fourth point and the most important in today’s world as it seems the USA still believes themselves destined to develop the still developing nations of the world was to use their technology and general progression to develop the parts of the world that need developing. There was a belief that anyone living below the expected conditions of the USA was clearly living a terrible life and would be appreciative of the USA coming in and developing them to improve their
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