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Wilfrid Laurier University
Global Studies
Edmund Pries

GS221 Reading - Paul Hopper: Understanding Cultural Globalization Introduction Examples of Cultural Globalization - desire of Iran to discourage/ inhibit Western influence (how Muslims experience globalization) - the use of cell phones to document/ share events/ info - global awareness of racism (through media outlets) - international co-operation to produce award winning entertainment (ex. Film) - global technology (music sharing) - desire to create environmentalist ideologies as the global culture, overcoming consumerism Cultural Globalization… - uneven  multiple dimensions which are reflected in histories, processes and interconnectedness - complex  plurality, multidimensional - connected to, not separate from the process of globalization (culture+ globalizations), globalization informs + disrupts culture - we experience globalization through culture - intersect of the global with the local (ex. Western cultural bombardment in Muslim areas of the Middle East) - experienced through global info and communication technologies (ITCs) *unequal access to these - needs to be accepted/ internalized, can’t be forced upon an existing culture Globalization - a contested idea (debate to the history, existence, nature and future trajectory) - needs interdisciplinary approach - no one can explain/ understand the different dimensions First Wave Approaches to Globalization - contemporary development + global processes constitute a new condition/ phase in human history - emergence of integrated global economy- emphasis on open markets and breakdown of national borders - international trade, mobility of capital/ info/ people, foreign direct
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