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GS231- Tutorial November 14

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Global Studies
Sara Matthews

GS231- Tutorial Nov 14, 2012 Hedges - How does the mythic narrative create emotion? o Ex Remembrance Day o Desire to stop war(the poppy symbolic) o Now represents supporting the troops o Are the troops heroes or victims? o The meaning of Remembrance Day changes based on how the country stands in terms of supporting war/ how is the meaning of the day used? - Canadian civilians are unable to accept the darkness of war allowing it to happen repeatedly - War divides people (those who support and those who don’t) - Everything becomes a matter of opinion o Objectivity of the truth (ex. Number of deaths in a genocide) - Culture destroyed by war o Creates a never ending cycle of war o Can be broken through media  Ex. War of 1812 campaign/ commercials o Find the meaning of war  Have a history that reflects the truths o Humanize the enemy (and interactions) o Power for those who have influence (leaders) o Remove the fear between groups  Revenge between groups (recognize the past) - Fix the wrongs that have been done o Injustices, etc - How does war/ violence destroy culture? o The culture of us and the other is destroyed to represent differences between and bring people together - National symbols drive the myth o How in Canada?
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