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Global Studies
Sara Matthews

GS231- Hedges Chapter 1: The Myth of War (Sept 26, 2012) - Despise our enemies and prize our soldiers although we know little of the men we fight against - [Serbs, Muslims, Hutus, Tutsis] not religious wars but rather the result of ancient ethnic hatred o Fear, greed and paranoia o Gangsters risen from the bottom - “mythic reality” vs “sensory reality” o Gives war a glory and continue the support from the public demonize the enemy – sells papers - The lie of omission- war presented in film, etc o Leaves out key aspects and truths - The press often alter stories to continue the myth of wars  Arabic people fled the border as US attacked, the press reported they stayed and defended their homeland - Allow us to make sense of mayhem/ chaos and give reason for human cruelty/ murder - Most national myths are racist at their core o Makes communication with our opponent impossible (seen as someone who couldn’t understand) - US has committed or funded many civil rights violations o “freedom fighters” in Central America - War can be the natural outcome of brutal recession or manufactured by warlords intent on enrichment or the result of vying interests between nation-states - War is part of human society - Once total war is established all is sacrificed before it  values,
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