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Chapter 1

LY205 Chapter Notes - Chapter 1: Pith, Indictable Offence, Regulatory Offence

Law & Society
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Patricia O' Reilly

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Chapter 1
1. Definition of a crime
matter of critical significance
parliament can enact on criminal law
jurisdiction is known as federal criminal law power
two major elements
conduct that is prohibited because it is considered to have an evil or injurious
or undesirable effect on the public”
penalty that may be imposed when the prohibition is violated
Indictable offence
serious in nature
“indictment” is the formal document that sets out the charges
tried by more than one court procedures
murder may be tried only by a superior court judge sitting with a jury
less serious- tried by provincial court judge w/o jury
examples: sexual assault with a weapon, robbery over $5000
Hybrid offence
an offence that may be prosecuted as an indictable or summary at discretion of
most offences in Canada are hybrid
very few tried by summary conviction
example: assault, fraud under $5000, theft under $5000
Distinction between true crimes and regulatory offences 2-4
True offences
represent a serious breach of community values and are considered to be both
“wrong” and deserving of punishment
contained in CCC
serious offences contained in controlled drugs and substances act
offence arising under regulatory legislation
deals with the regulation of inherently legitimate activities
connected with commerce, trade, and industry or with such everyday matters
as driving
generally, not considered to be serious in nature and usually result in the
imposition of only a relatively minor penalty
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