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North American Studies
Bina Mehta

NO101- Tutorial November 14, 2012 American Woman- The Guess Who - Iconic Canadian song even 40 years later - Describes the USA in negative light o Las Vegas lights o Vietnam war draft - A drive for Canadianness- remove American influence/ control - Canada is a male overpowered by the female USA (odd) - Music is a multi-national commodity - There is a growing music production scene in Canada - Canadian culture defined by who we aren’t *American - The song is key because there is nothing like this (iconic, political) at the time and even still - Nationalism around “American Woman” time o Lyrics can be interpreted (simple enough they can have many meanings) - Is the song relevant today? o Collective identity o Continued Anti- Americanism o Canadian culture rejects USA (true or untrue?) - Song creates the “Other” in the Americans - Music today is based on beats not lyrics (clubs, etc don’t play m
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