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Carl Simpson

PP201Chapter 1Identifying ArgumentsWeek 1IntroductionArguments are everywhereEx Advertisements are arguments that you should buy that product Many arguments have important consequencesEx If you buy a car youll have to make payments on it for years as well as rely on it for transportation so youd better be sure that the argument in the advertisement urging you to choose that car is a good one ArgumentsArgumentan attempt to justify or prove a conclusion An argument tries to make you believe something and gives you reason to believe it Conclusionwhat the argument is trying to make you believe Premisesthe reason to believe the argument There is no standardrequired length for an argument If you say you had an argument with a friend you generally mean that you had a quarrelArguments can take place when there is both agreement and disagreement An argument does not take two peopleyou can use an argument to convince yourself Two questions to ask yourselfIs there an attempt to convince me of somethingAre reasons given to convince meIf the answer to these questions are both yes then the passage is an argument Indictor wordscan help you recognize an argumentIndicator words for conclusionsThus Therefore HenceSoIt follows thatShows thatIndicates thatProves thatThenIndicator words for premis
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