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Carl Simpson

PP201Chapter 3Categorical Logic Part IWeek 3Categorical StatementsAll categorical statements contain a subject termtells us which things the statement is about a predicate termcharacterizes the members of the subject term a scope wordtells us how many members of the subject term were talking about and a copulais or arewhich joins subject to predicate Categorical statements make assertions about interrelations between categories or classes Universal affirmationmakes a positive statement about all members Particular affirmationtells us about some particular members of the subject Universal affirmative statements like All dogs are mammals are called A statements Particular affirmative statements like Some plants are carnivores are called I statements Universal negationmakes a negative statement about all members Particular negationtells us that some particular members are NOT of the subject Universal negative statements are called E statements like No women are fathersParticular negative statements are called O statements like Some men are not unclesStandard FormA All S are PI Some S are PE No S are PO Some S are not P Sometimes we need to translate a sentence to determine whether it is an A I E or O Distributed and Undistributed TermsWe have to determine and state explicitly whether were talking about all or some members o
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