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Chapter 11-3

PP247 Chapter 11-3: Unit11Reading3

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Craig Beam

Forests, Pollution, and Economics Development vs Preservation While making economic considerations, it is also important to think about aesthetic and ecological factors, as well as the wellbeing of animals, plants, rivers, mountains, etc. Water pollution is one of the most visible environmental problems According to the World Health Org, 5M people, mostly children, die as a result of waterrelated diseases that are easily eliminated with proper sanitation and clean drinking water Airborne acidic chemicals (Acid rain) have caused tremendous environmental destruction through NA Europe Airborne pollutants continue to destroy the upperatmosphere ozone layer => ^ in harmful UV radiation Intro Applied ethics has contributed to issues such as affirmative action, economic justice, abortion, and the nuclear arms race Frequently focused upon the use of economic and market analyses in public policy debates The uncritical use of economic analysis to resolve environmental debates is seriously problematic Many environmental problems can be cast in economic terms Forests: Conservation or Preservation? 2 dominant strains of American environmentalism: Preservationists seek to protect the natural environment from exploitation so that humans receive > LT benefits from it. They seek to protect the environment from any human activity that could disrupt or degrade it. Their goal is to preserve the wilderness in its natural, unspoiled state Conservationists see the natural environment as valuable as a means for serving human interests. Thus, natural resources have instrumental value. Resources are wasted when left underdeveloped Preservationists have 2 different types of reasons to support their goals: The instrumental value of wilderness as a source of religious inspiration, a refuge from modern life, a location for aesthetic experience, and so forth Wilderness should be recognized as having intrinsic value; we ought to preserve the wilderness not only for its human uses but for its own sake The conservation movement fits with utilitarian tradition: public policy should be directed to serve the > good of the > for the longest time Also encourages reliance on experts Managing the National Forests It is enough for our purposes to recognize that serious environmental controversies surround the management of our national forests. Our immediate interestseeing the
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