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Chapter 6

PO101 Chapter Notes - Chapter 6: Intersectionality, Dependent And Independent Variables, Ozone Depletion

Political Science
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Dejan Guzina

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Lecture 10
Alternatives to Mainstream Ideologies: Postmodernism, Feminism, Environmentalism
19 October 2017
Not an ideology itself but instead a critique of ideologies
Suggests that the search for ultimate answers is futile
o The world is too diverse and fractured to be captured by any grand explanatory
scheme or theory
To understand what post modernity is, one has to understand what modernity is
Modernity characteristics
o Economic production is industrial and capitalist, city based
o Urbanization
o Powerful state with strong bureaucracy
o Trust in reason and scientifically based knowledge
o Modernity is about engineering progress
What is postmodernity
o Globalization
o Mass media and new technologies
o Rapic social change
o Consumer society; individual freedom to choose ones lifestyle
o Cultural diversity and hybridity but also breakdown of local communities
Promotes an “anti-foundationalist ontology
o The world cannot be observed but is socially constructed in a variety of ways
For some theorists of post-modernism
o The term Marely identifies the historical period that followed the age of
Post-modernism is associated with relativism
o No political or moral commitment is absolute
o All views should be respected as being meaningful to those who hold them
Is seen as opposing what is around us without offering any solutions or alternative visions
of the world to take its place
o Hard for post modernists to take a stand against anything from
Political corruption, organized crime, to religious fundamentalism
Types of Feminism
o Liberal feminism
o Socialist feminism
o Radical feminism
o “Reactionary/conservative” feminism
Starts with the assumption that the status of women in society is unequal to men
Statistics show
o Earn less than men,
o less represented in business and politics,
o more likely to be victims of violent crimes
both inside and outside their own homes
Liberal Feminism
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