PO 102 Chapter 2: Chapter 2 - Nation State

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4 Feb 2016
Chapter 2
Nation State and Globalization
The world is divided into about 200 countries
oAll are considered to be independent/sovereign, not controlled by
other countries
oTherefore, they are self governing
Borders and control of certain areas are disputed
oEx. Puerto Rice controlled by the United States
The State
The State: is independent, self-governing political economy whose
governing institutions have the capability to make rules that are
binding on the population residing within a particular territory
The Government: Is the set of institutions that makes decisions and
oversees their implementation on behalf of the state for a particular
period of time
Sovereignty and the State
Sovereignty of states is the principle that states are the highest
authority for their population and territory – they are not subject to any
external authority
oStates remain sovereign because they can cancel agreements
with other states
Prior to the development of the modern state, territories controlled by
monarchs were viewed as their own property and could be disposed as
they saw sit
oTerritories were passed down
Governance: The making and implementing of decisions often with the
involvement of state and non-state organizations
Failed State: A state that is unable to enforce laws, maintain order,
protect the lives of citizens and provide basic services
oEx. Somalia in 1991 where it was ran by war lords and various
armed groups
The Nation State
By having its own state, a nation can be self-governing rather than
being controlled by a foreign power
Nation State: A sovereign state based on people living in a country who
share a sense of common identity as members of a particular notion
A group of people who share a sense of common identity and who
typically believe they should be self-governing with their homeland”
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