Political Science Day 2

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Political Science
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Christopher Anderson

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Political Science Day 2 There is no part of our world that is not affected by politics and political science is the study of politics. Politie- a political community, a grouping of people at any level who practice politics. The Evolution of Political Science  Politics have been present for all written history of man to times even slightly before ancient Greece  Politics is not like math there is no one definite answer so the goal of political science is to develop theories that can be applied to politics and make it a science  Greeks thought systematically about Political Science  Politics is studied by determining how it is and how it ought to be, so how we are being currently governed and how we ought to be governed.  Aristotle was one of the major players in ancient Greek politics  “Man is by nature a political animal” –Aristotle  He believed that politics were a part of our make up almost like a biological trait  Humans are a political animal because we can reflect critically on what we believe whereas bees cannot  Aristotle believed that politics was a key to problem solving and happiness  The entire Mediterranean was under war during Aristotle’s times and he believed that politics would create a stable society and eventually resolve all wars and cause peace  Aristotle through his studies discovered three typologies of political regimes  He divided them up by number of rulers  One ruler- a monarchy with tyrants as leaders (potentially)  Few rulers- Aristocracy which is led by an oligarchy (a group of greed)  Many rulers- a polity which is led by a democracy  Originally Aristotle thought that a monarchy would minimize conflict and instability by preventing arguments that would erupt in democracy  However it became prevalent that greed was more present the fewer the rulers and a polity with certain rules and limitations on who had a say (not women) was the most stable  Methodology- A body of methods, rules and postulates employed by a discipline; a particular set of procedures. It is also the analysis of the principles or procedures of inquiry in a particular field  Ways to test leaders  Normative Political Analysis- is concerned largely though not solely, with the discussion of ideals and values and with the prescription of what should be done or avoided in the area of politics  Basically the interest of the norms  After the Greeks politics almost takes a step backward into religious, justice and philosophical debates similar to political studies (how things ought to be) and away from the ideas of Aristotle  Political studies is an art where as Political science is an empirical science that can be tested and maybe not derived to an exact science but to likely outcomes  By the end of the 19 century politics returns to a scientific study in many areas including the United States  Empirical Political Analysis- is concerned with the description and explanation of observable events, structure or patterns of behaviour  One of the first studies was to look for patterns is politics such as the constant traits in politics that may cause war and the ideology was that if you can determine these traits you can undermine them and prevent war  The next falter in the political science surge was World War II when all of a sudden we have the holocaust and Hitler and politicians have no explanation for Hitler’s rise to power or his actions, the same can be said about communism which again politicians cannot
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