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Chapter 2

Poli Sci - Chapter Two

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Political Science
Yasmine Shamsie

Political Science Chapter Two: The Nation-State and Globalization the State  State: independent, self-governing political community where governing institution have the capability to make rules that are binding on the population residing within a particular territory o Weber’s classic definition: an institution that claims the legitimate use of force in enforcing its order within a given tutorial area o An independent structure of laws and institutions which rulers are trusted to administer on behalf of the community o Examples: French Revolution 1789 (sovereignty rests with people not the monarchy) & capitalist economic system and the industrial revolution  The state includes  The federal, municipal and provincial governments  The military and police forces  The various government ministries  State owned corporations  Courts, the bank of Canada  What does the State do?  Law and order, resolve conflicts  Security  Support to economic community  Physical infrastructure  Social infrastructure (health, education, etc)  Environment? o Modern Development  When the feudal system declines in Europe the monarch tried to be of the highest authority and limited authority of lords and nobles  Challenged the authority of the Church  Development of bodies (Parliament) provided rulers with a means to levy and collect taxes needed to wage wars and develop an administrative structure  States play a major role in modern society -> are very active in regulating business activity, fostering economic development, stabilizing the economy, providing health, e
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