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Political Science
Connell Mc Cluskey

Political Science Chapter One Studying PoliticsWhat is it Why study it the activity in which conflicting interests struggle for advantage or dominance in making and execution of public policies Dyck 2011WHY STUDY POLITICSCritical thinker are not just debaters or faultfinders Critical thoughts are a response to arguments positions evidence experience and observations with considered opinions about a proper course of action Analytical thinker take complex ideas and issues and break them apart to get at more deepseated questions such as why events take place how situations can be improved and how it is we come to know what we do helps us better understand how we organize ourselves in a social environmenthow some individuals and groups benefit from society while others do not after all politics allows for our collective survival because with no formal organizing structure we would be left to fend for ourselves as individuals pitted against everyone else Conflict resolution process in domestic or international affairs where antagonism either existing or potential is sought to be reconciled through the use of mediation and negotiation Conflict differences in preferred outcomes among social groupsHowever elusive this goal may be politics has always involved controversy as well as cooperation debate as well as accordwithout society and the political authority that accompanied it humans would suffer in a state of nature or situation marked by an everyone for themselves frame of mind It would be solitary poor nasty brutish and shortEnglish philosopher Thomas Hobbes in seventeenth centuryWHAT IS POLITICSSocialization process whereby individuals act in a social manner creation of social and political authority and rules to regulate behaviours so as to permit operation of social unitsDecisionmaking mechanism or pattern of relations involving difference levels of government where determinations and judgements regarding the governance of political systems are made referred as black box significant even if citizens do not take part because this can be viewed as tacit agreement with the status quoPublic goods resources those are present in a political system where use by one individual should not affect us by others For example social welfare economic efficiency security from external attack public safety political freedom and opportunity
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