Intro to Law Week One

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Wilfrid Laurier University
Political Science
Phaedra Klodner

Intro to Law Week 1The world law can apply to many different things It can refer to a system that governs human activities through threat of punishment in an organized society y the government It can refer to the documents behind the law the legislation federal and provincial including proclamations regulations or orders the Constitution judicial decisions and legal principles that form the law Law can refer t the subspecialty of a type of practice for example personal injury law It can also refer to the whole structure behind the processincluding the judges and courthouses as well as the legal profession Types of Law in CanadaCommon Law Legal system practised in many countries in the world including most of Canada excluding Quebec and the United States Common law is referring to the British tradition of law based on case establishing precedent as distinguished from statute law Civil Law Disputes between individuals are called private law or civil law and include such matters as tort law contract law and civil litigation The legal system of Roman tradition that is the most practised system of law in the world including Quebec and LouisianaDifferent Views of the LawNatural Law Approach Natural law is one of the most ancient approaches to the law which has developed for thousands of years through Plato Socrates Aristotle and most famously St thThomas Aquinas in the 11 century who said that an unjust law seems to be no law at all Natural law theorists say that moral
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