Intro to Law Week Two

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Political Science
Phaedra Klodner

Intro to Law Week Two2 SEPTEMBER 17 2013 The Legal Profession Ethics and Professional ConductChapter 2 and course materials provided to you on September 10 2013a Role of partiescounsel in the Canadian judicial systemb Legal Aid and pro bono workIn Canada we have a program of legal aid which is a system that exists to allow those who could not financially afford a lawyer to nonetheless be represented Unless the accused individual has an extremely limited income he or she will not be covered It is argued that most poor will not get legal aidLawyers may also help those who cannot afford legal aid through a practice called pro bono work Most of the FLSCs Rules of Conduct mandate lawyers should work for those unable to access justice because of financial reasons The rationale is that since lawyers have the monopoly on the business of law they also have a responsibility to provide public service c Rules of Professional conductThe CBA which acts as an advocate for the legal profession represents approx 37000 lawyers judges law educators and law students across Canada and more than 60 of all practising lawyers in Canada belong to the CBA The CBA is an advocate to improve the law the administration of justice access to justice and the skill and the ethical standards of the profession While each province has its own rules and regulations there are also general rules that have been established by the CBA The CBA ode serves the purpose of being a common code of conduct for all Canadian lawyers Relationship to the Administration of Justicelawyers have a duty to the administration of justice in general and the MCPC provides that lawyers conduct should reflect favourably on the legal profession inspire the confidence respect and trust of clients and of the community and avoid even the appearance of impropriety a lawyer has the duty to carry on the practice of law and discharge all responsibilities to clients tribunals the public and other members of the profession honourably and with integrity This includes conduct in their public and or private lives that would reflect on our system of justiceRelationship to Other Lawyers and the Court Lawyers must be honest and open and must address other lawyers and judges with respect at all times
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