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Don Morgenson

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Psych Week 10
When we think of ‘personality’, we often think of the common phrase, “Does he/she have a good personality?” What is a ‘good personality’? What would each
perspective say about what makes a “good personality”?
According to each perspective, there are different attributes that would make up a “good
personality”. According to the Behavioural perspective, proper interactions between the
environment and the individual would make a good personality, with proper nurture when
growing up would contribute to this good personality. According to the Biological perspective,
good genetics would be an indicator of a good personality. From the Psychodynamic perspective,
proper interaction between the ID, ego, and the superego form a good personality.
From the Humanistic perspective, personal growth and reaching self-actualization would make a
good personality. As you can see, each perspective has a specific idea of what would make a
good personality.
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