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Chapter Final

Chapter 14 and 15 Detailed notes of chapter 14 and 15 for final

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Wilfrid Laurier University
Don Morgenson

PSYC CHAPTERS 1415 Chapter 14 Psychological DisordersStigma do not understand that people with mental illness have the same characteristics as normal people just overdramaticDiagnosis distinguishing one illness from anotherEtiology apparent causation and developmental history of an illnessPrognosis forecast about the probable course of an illnessPublic health officials dont feel mental health illness is a public health issue dont feel that they killStatistical approval only can focus on one trait at a timeSubjective approach come and confess they are ill person reaction to illness varies no accurateSocial nonconformity criminally nonconformist cultural relatively normal in one society not in other undesirable social standards something wrong in society Criteria to determine abnormality o Intelligibility o Consistency o ControlCriteria for diagnoses o Deviance their behaviour deviates from what their society considers acceptable o Maladaptive behaviour everyday adaptive behaviour is impaired o Personal distress individuals repot of great personal distressCausative factors o Bio genetic hypoglycemic calcium deficiency vitamin b deficiency anoxia sleep deprivation brain damage o Social social economic background poverty ageing unemployment genderDSMIV is the official psycho diagnostic classification system ask info from patients on five axes difficult to obtain good data Anxiety DisordersHigh level of anxiety that is not tied to any specific threatSymptoms o Diffuse negative emotion uncontrollability shift from outer focus to self focusPanic attacks o Appear suddenly anxiety reaches unbearable levels perspire gasp for breath chest pains nausea o Derealization familiar terrain doesnt look familiar and is now frightening o Victims usually become very apprehensive scared one the next will occur Generalized anxiety disorder
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