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Chpt1EvolutionofPsychologyWundt and HallPsychologys intellectual parents were the disciplines of philosophy and physiologyWundt made a campaign to make psychology an independent discipline instead of something that came from philosophy and physiology 1879 he succeeded in establishing the first formal laboratory for research in psychology at University of Leipzig is characterized as the founder of psychology said psychologys primary focus was consciousness the awareness of immediate experience thus psychology became the scientific study of conscious experienceHall established Americas first research laboratory in psychology at John Hopkins University in 1883 1892 driving force in establishing the American Psychological Association APA today is the worlds largest organization devoted to advancement of psychologyStructuralism vs FunctionalismStructuralism based on the notion that the task of psychology is to analyze consciousness into its basic elements and investigate how these elements are related Edward Titchener wanted to identifyexamine the fundamental components of conscious experience ie sensations feelings and images looked at sensation and perception in vision hearing and touch Introspection the carefulsystematic self observation of ones own conscious experienceFunctionalism based on the belief that psychology should investigate the function or purpose of consciousness rather than its structure William James he noted that consciousness is obviously an important characteristic of our species and that we should look at the function rather than the structure consciousness is a flow of thoughts stream of consciousness and structuralists only looked at points in that flow more interested in how people adapt their behaviour to the demands of the real world around them Mckeen and Dewey investigated mental testing ie patterns of development in children effectiveness of educational practices behavioural differences between sexesfostered the development of behaviourism and applied psychology
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