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Chapter 1

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Kathy Foxall

PS101FIntroduction to Psychology rdLecture 1Tuesday January 3 2012Quick IntroductionPsychology is rooter from philosophy and scienceCombines the analytical thinking of philosophy with the scientific method from the natural sciencesSeek to describe explain and predict behaviourAsk questions about issues and test theories through systematic observationApplication of scientific methods explanations of why and suggestions about what to do about behaviourPsychology became a discipline in 1879 not very long as oppose to other disciplinesMuch disagreement between philosophersWilhelm Wundt 18321920Campaigned to make psychology and independent discipline rather than a branch of philosophy and physiologyEstablished the first formal laboratory for research in Leipzig in 1879Founder of psychology Believed the primary focus was consciousnessBetween 18831893 24 new labs in North America Wundts graduatesStudied atoms of the mindStructuralismattempted to analyze the basic elements of consciousness by using introspectionGraduated from Leipzig G Stanley Hall 18461924Americas first research lab at John Hopkins University in 1883Americas first psychology journalEstablished the APA American Psychology AssociationStructuralism vs FunctionalismStructuralismled by Edward Titchener o Focus on analyzing consciousness into basic elements o Identity and examine the fundamental components of conscious experience sensations feelings and images o Introspectionsystematic selfobservation of ones own conscious experience o Cant depend solely on individuals reflection Functionalismled by William James o Focus on investigating the function or purpose of consciousness o Led to investigation of mental testing developmental patterns and sexual differences o Interested in how people adapt behaviour to the demands of world around them o Attracted first woman to psychology o Led to two descendants or modern psychologybehaviourism and applied psychologyJohn B Watson 18781958Founder of behaviourismshould study only behaviour that we can observe
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