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Mindi Foster

Chapter 1 The Evolution of SocietyFrom Speculation to Science How Psychology Developed Psychologyfrom Greek psyche means soul spirit or mind logos means study of a subject Wilhelm Wundt German professor who independence from philosophy and physiologyfavoured scientific approach which matches the intellectual climate of his time1879 established the first psychology lab at the University of Leipzig1881 established first psychological journalcredited as founder of psychologyprimary focus was on consciousness awareness of immediate experiencepsychology became scientific study of consciousnessgenerated around 54000 pages of books and articles in careerstudents from all over came to study with Wundt and brought what they learned back to their respective places G Stanley Hall contributor to rapid growth of psychology in Americastudied briefly with Wundtestablished first American psychology lab and journaldriving force behind establishment of American Psychological Association APAfirst APA presidentpsychology flourished in the US possibly because American universities were more open to new disciplines as opposed to traditional European universities Structuralism investigate the relations of these elements ex sensations feelings images perceptionwas at ends with functionalismadvocated by Edward Titchener studied with Wundtused introspection careful self mental processessubjects trained to be objectively aware of their experiencesubjects typically exposed to auditory tones illusions visual stimulationsweakness Functionalism psychology should investigate functionpurpose of consciousnessintroduced by William James a brilliant American scholarchose to pursue psychology rather than medicinepublished Principles of Psychology 1890psychology is deeply embedded in a network of cultural and intellectual influencesJames was heavily influenced by Darwin concept of natural selection heritable characteristics that provide a survival or reproductive advantage are more likely than alternative characteristics to be passed on to subsequentargued structuralists studied static points and not the flow of the stream of consciousnessinterested in how people adapt their behaviour to the demands of the real worldJames McKeen Cattell and John Dewey began investigating mental testing development in children educational practice effectiveness and behavioural differences in sexes this new research attracted women to the field Margaret Floy Washburn first woman to receive a PhD in psychology
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