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Chapter 7

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Carolyn Ensley

Classic Conditioning Unconditioned stimulus US food in dogs mouth o Eventthing that elicits an automaticinvoluntary responseUnconditioned response UR salivation o Response that is automatically producedConditioned response CRo response that is elicited by a conditioned stimulus occurs after conditioned stimulus associated with unconditional stimulusClassical Conditioning CC o Process where neutral stimulus acquires capacity to elicit response through association with stimulus that already elicits similar or related response o Also called Pavlovian or respondent conditioningNeutral Stimulus NS elicits no responsePrinciples of Classical Conditioning o ExtinctionIf the conditional response is repeatedly presented wo unconditioned stimulus the conditioned response eventually disappears and extinction loss of learned response occursSpontaneous recovery the reappearance of a learned response after its apparent extinction o HigherOrder ConditioningWhen a neutral stimulus becomes a conditioned stimulus by being paired with an already establish conditioned stimulusMay lead to the formation of prejudices due to association of labels and certain things o Stimulus Generalization and DiscriminationStimulus Generalization after stimulus becomes conditioned stimulus for some response other similar stimuli may produce a similar reaction
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