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Chapter 3&11

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Wilfrid Laurier University
Sofy Carayannopoulos

Chapter 3Unlock the secret of Genes1difference come from Previously two perspectivesNativists biological nature Empiricists learning and experience nurture 2 Genes basic units of heredity composed of DNA located on chromosomes 23 pairs 4 elements 3 Phenotype dominant trait Genotype need 2Homozygous heterozygous 4 Polygenic inheritagemost genes 5 Linkage studies look for patterns of inheritance of the genetic markers whose location on the genes are already knowThe genetics of Similarity evolution is a change in the gene frequencies within a population over many generations 1 evolutiona mutations errors in copying of DNA sequences during division of cells that produce sperm eggs b Small segments of DNA can across over anther chromosome pair 2 similarities can be traced to the processes of evolutions especially natural selectionCharles Darwein 18091882 help solve survival pro and enhance reporoduction3 The Descent of Man sexual selection a intersexual selection opposite sex b intrasexual selection same sex compete for a parterner 4 Innate characteristics mental module handle specific problemaInfant reflexes An interest in novelty A desire to exploremanipulate objects An impulse to play Basic cognitive skills
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